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The star village Collepietra

Hotels at the star village

Collepietra in South Tyrol’s Val d’Ega

The star village

Located at 820 metres a.s.l., Collepietra lies much further down in the valley than its neighbouring villages in the Val d’Ega – and yet it is definitely closest to heaven!

Reaching for the stars…  

… was never easier: Collepietra and the little hamlet of San Valentino in Campo actually form the first European star village! They have gained this status because of the observatory, the solar observatory, the planetarium, the “planetary trail”, the “trail of the stars” and because of their full moon events and other activities focusing on astronomy themes. But Collepietra has another – cultural – ace up its sleeve: Karneid Castle, dating from the 11th century, is definitely worth a visit! And the earth pillars of Collepietra are just another stunning attraction in the area’s natural surroundings. The comfortable accommodation – ranging from hotels to holiday apartments – make the perfect base for new and exciting experiences in and around Collepietra each day: amidst the surrounding ski and hiking areas, the cultural attractions and wonders of nature, gathering beautiful holiday memories is easy!

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  • Collepietra/Steinegg in the summer months | © TV Steinegg
    Collepietra/Steinegg under the Catinaccio/Rosengarten | © TV Steinegg
    Collepietra/Steinegg in winter with view on the Scilar/Schlern | © TV Steinegg
    Winterlandscape Collepietra | © TV Steinegg
    Snowy Collepietra/Steinegg with Rosengarten/Catinaccio | © TV Steinegg