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Bike Trails & Parks in the Dolomites

The Carezza bike trail and the Val d’Ega bikeparks

Attention all mountain bikers!

The Carezza bike trail and the two training bikeparks in Carezza and Nova Ponente represent the pinnacle of MTB adventure in the Val d’Ega bike region - Mount Olympus for biking fanatics! 

Biketrail Carezza - Downhill
Northshore Bike Trail Carezza
Jump Biketrail Carezza
Carezza Trail one Mountainbiker wood

For MTB trail enthusiasts

The Carezza trail is a 4.4 km adventure that descends over 500 metres against the backdrop of the Dolomites, ideal for mountain bikers of all kinds. With its steep turns, northshores, banked curves and jumps, there is something here for everyone! The starting point is the top station of the cable car from the centre of Nova Levante.

Basic Data

Length: approx. 4.4 km
Altitude differential: 500 meters
Average grade: approx. 11 % , ideal for a flow trail
Length of the northshores: up to 70 m
Banked curves and turns: more than 45 in number
Jumps: Up to 20 in the form of tables, jumps, or drops
Start: With the Welschnofen gondola aerial lift, from the center of Welschnofen to the Frommer Alm; the trail begins there.

Carezza Pumpline

Length: approx. 1.6 km
Altitude differential: 100 meters

Training Park Bike Park Carezza
Bike-Handling Skills in the Bike Parc Carezza
Bikeparc Carezza under the Latemar
Bike Park Deutschnofen | © TV Deutschnofen

A training temple - Bikeparks

If you want to perfect your MTB skills or just try out a few tricks for the first time, head for the Carezza Training Park at the top station of the cable car up from Nova Levante or the Nova Ponente bikepark. There you can find a pumptrack, switchbacks, jumpline and balance northshores as challenges on the way to becoming a mountain bike hero!

Basic Data Bike Park Carezza

(closed summer 2021) 

  • Four Drops with different height (easy)
  • Pumptrack 
  • Rockgarden & Balance Northshore
  • Jumpline
Basic Data Bike Parc Nova Ponente
  • 7 different Jumps 
  • Rockgarden
  • Drops 
  • Helmets are required