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Tasting is believing

At the beginning of 2022, an Eggental-wide pilot project was launched to promote and strengthen the cooperation between farmers and restaurateurs. The farmers from the Eggental sell their vegetables and eggs directly to the hotel and restaurant industry.

In the course of the pilot project, the aim is to gain valuable experience, learn from each other and grow together.
Particularly important is the transparent exchange between restaurateurs and farmers, as well as the willingness to cooperate and to consider the needs of all participants.

Our common goal is that all products grown and provided by the farmers are adopted by the gastronomy. We are aware that the farmers of Eggental are not yet able to cover the entire demand. 

In the coming years we would like to expand this project to other product groups as well as meat and dairy products.

Dumpling workshop at the farm Kronlechnerhof

Every Thursday until 08th September 2022

Anna-Maria is one of the coordinators of the project and the farmer of the farm Kronlechnerhof. She tells us about the project and takes us into her colourful garden where all kinds of vegetables grow. Afterwards, different types of dumplings and sweet Krapfen (doughnuts) are made with the seasonal garden and farm produce. Finally, the dumplings are enjoyed with a flowery salad and the Krapfen.

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