Together we are... plastic-free

Stop the plastic flood

Less packaging = more nature

310 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated worldwide every year. They are landfilled, incinerated, in the best case recycled. But often enough they also end up in the environment. On glaciers, for example, there is now as much microplastic as on ocean beaches and ocean floors. The reasons for this are well known: high consumption of disposable products and plastic packaging, poor waste management, unsecured landfills and too low a recycling rate. 

Reduce, reuse and recycle is, in short, the formula that companies should follow in their waste prevention policies and that we should all follow in our daily lives. Let's work to reduce plastic waste. Because plastic waste that is not produced cannot get into our beautiful nature.

We therefore place particular emphasis on the use of recyclable materials and our stated goal is to avoid the use of plastic bottles and disposable plastic.

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a guideline for businesses as well as 10 practicable measures for the core areas of breakfast, room/bathroom, drinking water, gastronomy, cleaning products and kitchen.