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Mountain Cinema in the Eggental - Furner Oach

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A moderately more ambitious hike from the village centre of Steinegg|Collepietra up to the "Furner Oach". The Mountain Cinema of Eggental, which is located there, opens up a breathtaking view of the Rosengarten|Catenaccio, the Hammerwand|Croda del Maglio, the Tschafon| Monte Cavone, the Schlern|Sciliar, the Seiser Alm|Alpe di Siusi, the Raschötz|Rasciesa, the Plose, the Zillertal Alps, the Villanderer Alm and the high plateau of Ritten|Renon.
Route info
10,7 km
Activity time
3 h 30 min
540 m
540 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
1.246 m
Lowest point
804 m
From the village square in Steinegg|Collepietra, the trail [2 | 7 | 8] starts towards Wiedenhof at the Resch Market shop. At the beginning you will cross a residential area, then join a forest and meadow path with wonderful views. Follow trail [8] to the junction with trail [8A] towards Spitzköfele, which you follow. The Spitzköfele is a wonderful viewpoint in the middle of the forest with seating and invites you to take a short break. Ascend for a short while and turn left to reach trail [6], which you follow upwards to the right. After about 1 h 40 min from the starting point, you reach the Steinegg|Collepietra Hiking Path, which you continue to follow on the left. After approx. 20 min, the trail joins the asphalt road, which you take to the left with sections in the forest (always marked Steinegg|Collepietra Hiking Path - yellow shoe) until you reach the sports field - Innerplatzer Hof junction. Here you walk in the direction of Innerplatzer Hof (paddock) path [3], past the farm and descend with breathtaking views. As soon as you reach the clearing of the beautiful meadows (after 2 h 30 min - 7.3 km - ascent 441 m - descent 109 m), where you can see the main road Steinegg|Collepietra - Gummer|S.Valentino, leave the marking at the water reservoir to the right onto the main road. Here you hike along the road down towards the double bend, where you can see the "Furner Oach" dolomite cinema from afar.

When you have had your fill, walk the short distance back to the hiking trail and take the path [3A] down. After about 20 minutes you cross the road and behind the two new buildings on the right you have to descend the stairs. Follow the path, which leads relatively steeply downwards, past meadows and old farms and you will see the earth pyramids of Steinegg|Collepietra.
At the end of the path [3A] turn left and follow the pyramid path. Follow the marking [2] through the "Katzenbach" gorge and you will reach the entrance to the village, where you will see the "Weißes Bild" chapel. Follow the footpath downwards and after 10 minutes you will reach the starting point.
How to get there

Getting to the starting point of the tour by public transport is easy and convenient.

By public bus line:
- 182 from Bozen | Bolzano,
- 180 or 187 from Karersee | Lago di Carezza, Karerpass | Passo Costalunga, Welschnofen | Nova Levante
- 182 from Birchabruck | Ponte Nova
- 184 from Stenk, Eggen | Ega, Obereggen
- 184 or 181 from Weissenstein | Pietralba, Petersberg | Monte San Pietro, Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente
- 182 from Gummer | San Valentino
- 180 from Val di Fassa

Bus stop: Steinegg | Collepietra Village; online timetable search at www.suedtirolmobil.info/en/
Starting point: Steinegg | Collepietra Village: https://goo.gl/maps/zPEHzkrnyukyEXoHA

By car: Destination: Steinegg | Collepietra
Parking: parking lot Café Christl
Starting point: Steinegg | Collepietra Village: https://goo.gl/maps/zPEHzkrnyukyEXoHA

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